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Alloy Wheel model constructed on 5 segments
Modelled for the TVR CERBERA Alias model
Tvr Cerbera model based on the existing production car, done as a preliminary for a complete re- design
Tvr Cerbera production model Alias model done as a preliminary for a re- design new model
Tvr Cerbera Alias model
Tvr Cerbera Alias model with Alloy Wheel added
Work in progress Alias model for the existing TVR Cerbera production car.
Ally wheel added.
The object of this exercise was to evaluate the existing car for package improvements and a subsequent new design
Interior design proposal
Audi TT model exercise
interior virtual Instrumentation model surfaces
Horsebox Design proposal for Brian James Trailers ( Freelance)
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ALIAS models
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Nick Coughlan
NICK COUGHLAN DESIGN Warwick, United Kingdom