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Honda Motorcycle concepts - These sketches were done purely for my portfolio in 2005 /6.
They explore the mechanical aesthetics of the 2 - wheeler using the power unit and structure as the basic form language.
(Ink, marker, pastel, pencil, photoshop)
Concept SCOOTER for Jeep - Concept for a new product direction for the JEEP brand.
Whilst working in Tokyo, Japan I was inspired by the proliferation of recent 'BIG SCOOTERS', and imagined of a more rugged / functional type of Scooter style bike for the Jeep Brand.
The designs take their inspiration from Military vehicles which are extremely functionally conceived rather than 'Styled'.
(Ink, marker, pastel, pencil, photoshop) 2005
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These photoshop enhanced sketches are intended to show Motorcycle Ideation skills for the first stage of a project, and to show my interest in the subject

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Nick Coughlan
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