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Nissan Skyline Concepts - This page depics a possible future Nissan Skyline concept.
This work was done up front and sent to Nissan Japan in an attempt to join the project.
The design attempts to capture the DNA of the original 1970's Musclecar version which can be seen in the upper centre picture
(Photoshop) 2003
New Nissan Z - final rendering for a concept Nissan Z
Done off the back of another design for a Concept Evolution 250 GTO (see other set)
Nissan Z car sketches - This page depicts the 'Key sketches' which I developed into final proposals for a possible New Nissan Z car. (2005 /6)
(Ink, marker, pastel)
Nissan Z-Car sketches - Exploritory sketches for a new Nissan Z-Car.
(Ink, Marker, highlight pen, pencil)
Nissan Z Car images - These are up-front images which were done in an attempt to join the Nissan Z car design program. (Photoshop) 2006
Seat themes for concept Nissan Z - These sketches are for a possible next generation Nissan Z-Car seat.
The concepts show a new type of seat belt in the form of an 'Overjacket' which you wear as part of the seat instead of the conventional seatbelt.
(Ink, marker)
Nissan Skyline sketches - Initial ideation sketches for a new Nissan Skyline proposal.
The bottom left sketch explores the idea of one volume with parts carved away to achieve the rear spoiler, rather that having ADD-ONS to the original shape.
(Ink, marker, pastel, Derwent pancil)
Nissan Almera - Proposals for replacement Almera Vehicle (pencil, Ink, pastel, pencil. marker, gouache, photoshop) 2002
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