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Concept sketches - Design development sketches exploring the form of Lightwave.

This product design is patent protected.
Lightwave - Digital graffiti can - These elevational renderings taken from the Pro Engineer CAD model I created show Lightwave and it's features:

* Press cap brightness control
* Rubber grip section
* Magnetic induction (shake to charge) mechanism

This product design is patent protected
Vacuum Casting - To create working prototypes of my design I used a rapid prototype (3D printed from CAD data) to create silicone moulds for vacuum casting.

The 2 halves of the casing were cast in a resin which emulated the properties of ABS plastic - Tough, strong and with a semi transparent finish.

This product design is patent protected.
Finished working prototypes - I created 3 fully working prototypes for the user evaluation. The models were finished to a high standard to represent the intended manufactured outcome.

These prototypes comprise of rapid prototype parts, vacuum cast parts and electronic components.

This product design is patent protected.
User Evaluation - 2 people testing out Lightwave and the Clean Graffiti experience.

The evaluation took place in Loughborough Students Union night club and was very successful. All who tested the product really enjoyed the uniqueness and interactivity and much fun was had creating Clean Graffiti.
Clean Graffiti Artwork - An example of the artwork created with Lightwave and the digital canvas.
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University major project - Clean Graffiti

Final year major project exploring the creative possibilities of digital graffiti. The product "Lightwave" digital spray can features a shake to charge, colour changing LED and variable brightness. The digital canvas was created using a camera, software to capture the light trail and a projector.

Nick Hunter
Senior Design Engineer at Avon Protection Systems Bath, United Kingdom