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Fayetteville Splash - -Photoshop
-March 2010
- used text, paint brushes, filters, and adjustments
Fire Future - -Photoshop
-September 2010
-used text, filter, adjustments, textures, blend mode
Language of Love - -Photoshop Typography
-August 2011
-created type path using a heart shape.
Memphis Bridge - -Photoshop
-April 2010
-used the type mask tool
Elm Street Billboard - -Photoshop
-April 2010
-used photos, text, and paintbrushes
Elm Street DvD Design - -Photoshop
-April 2010
-used photos, paintbrushes, and text
Elm Street Poster Design - -Photoshop
-April 2010
- used text, paintbrushes, and photos
Rusty Vault - -Photoshop
-November 2010
-used text, textures, paintbrushes, filters
Raging Sun - -Photoshop
-September 2010
-used a black circle, filters, texture, paintbrushes, text
Studio Music Poster - -Photoshop
-August 2010
-used photos, filters, text
The Eye - -Photoshop
-March 2011
-used a photo of myself, textures, filters, text
The Face - -Photoshop
-March 2010
-used a photo of myself, text, filters, other photos, textures, paintbrushes
Candy Package Design - -Photoshop
-May 2011
-used text, textures
February Skies - -Photoshop
-September 2010
-used text, filters, paintbrushes
Vampire ME - -Photoshop
-September 2010
-used a photo of myself, filter, paintbrushes
Dark and Creepy - -Photoshop
-August 2010
-used paintbrushes, photo
Neezy Graffiti - -Photoshop, Illustrator
-August 2010
-used text photo, 3d Illustrator tool, paintbrushes
Planet - -Photoshop
-November 2010
-used black circle, filters, textures
T-Shirt - -Photoshop
-August 2010
-used a t- shirt PSD and paintbrushes
Vector - -Photoshop, Illustrator
-October 2010
- used text, Illustrator effects, paintbrushes
Write It Up - -Photoshop
-October 2010
-created using the pen tool,text
Raining Fire - -Photoshop
-November 2010
-used photos, filters, adjustments, paintbrushes
Fun Fun Fun - -Photoshop
-June 2010
-used photos, text
Purple Heart - -Photoshop
-June 2011
-used a 2d heart, applied Photoshop effects
Ten Mark - -Photoshop
-May 2011
-used text, later styles
Branding Envelope - Program used- Photoshop
My personal branding envelope
Front and back of business card - Program used- Photoshop
Letter Head - Program used- Photoshop
Contact Sheet - Created in Adobe Photoshop
Website Graphic - Programs used- Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Created- August 2011
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