Turning operations of the combustion chamber.
A quick overview of the combustion chamber together with it's two flanges for the nozzle (bottom) and injector with the valve (top).
A more complete assembly of the HRE.
Addition of a connector for the pressure transducer at the beginning of the combustion chamber.
Here we can see the wax rod in the combustion chamber.
An overview of the whole test setup, with Bram Samyn preparing the ignition device.
A succesfull test!
Hybrid Rocket Engine (HRE)

HRE (=Hybrid Rocket Engine) was a project with the intention the gain practical knowledge of rocketry. We choose a HRE, for it's safety and easiness to produce and design. The HRE is fully in-house designed, produced, assembled and tested on identical made thurst measuring stand. This project was together with Bram Samyn, he did the design of the chamber and nozzle, and the thurststand. I (Niels Baele) made the injector, the machining of the all the parts (turning and milling operations) and did the assembly of the HRE. These tested where preformed with wax and GOX (=Gaseous Oxygen).

Niels Baele
Engineer Zottegem, Belgium