Snapshot of the assembly of the multi purpose MPCNC, here with the waterjet cutter head installed.
First render of the MPCNC with a dedicated container for the water and wast produced.
Second render and final render for the mechanical part of the MPCNC, the container has ribs to mount plates on, and the whole MPCNC is put on a table for easier use and acces.
First time mounting the X- & Y-axes, on the welded steel frame, later this will be painted to avoid rust and corrosion due to the water and such.
Electronic/electric steering box/computer for the MPCNC, we can see 2 power supplies (36 V & 24V), 4 stepper drivers and a MACH3 4 axes control board.
Closer to final stage of the MPCNC, Cable chains are added, and all the cables are placed and connected to the stepper motors and end swithces.
An overview of the Z-axis assembly.
Multi Purpose CNC (MPCNC)

The multi purpose CNC, started with the need for machining aluminium plates which are used in the butterfly capacitor for the magnetic loop (see other projects). The main use for the CNC will be as a waterjet cutter, driven by a 230 bar pump with an electromotor. Other features are a 80 W laser and later a spindle to make more advanced and complex metal parts. The design is based on the PrintNC. The whole CNC is in-house developed, machined and assembled. Cutting area is little smaller than 1x1 m.

Niels Baele
Engineer Zottegem, Belgium