Main entrance view
Concept Sketches Option 01
Initial Concept
Concept Rendering Option 01
Concept Sketches Option 02
Concept Sketches Option 03
Presentation Board Option 04
Site Plan Option 04
Elevation Option 04
Perspective from the Ski Area Option 04
Ground Floor Option 04
1-st and 2-nd Floor Option 04
3-rd Floor Option 04
4-th Floor Option 04
Concept Sketches
Concept Sketches
Concept Sketches
Mountain Hotel in Feldberg - 2013

Courtesy: Grossmann Architekten
Project: Mountain Hotel;
Phase: Concept;
Client: witheld;
Location: Germany, Feldberg;
Design: Nikolay Kolev
Visuals: Nikolay Kolev

Nikolay Kolev
Architect; Visual Artist Kehl, Germany