Bad Luck
Early In The Morning
Nice Melody
Just Sketches
A Venomous Elephant
The Grasshopper
Not Impossible - I really don't know what this is
Savana Guard
The Opera Singer
Bad Chief Original - The original scan. Just the contrast and the bright areas are from Photoshop.
Bad Chief
Primate - I wander what is this guy feeding on.
Primate Original
The Wise
Tribal Dance
Alien Parrot - I suppose that this is how a parrot on a recently discovered inhabitable planet could look like. :)
A Blind Scorpio - An extremely venomous creature that lost its sting in favour of constriction.
Walking Seed - A good way of seed distribution.
Sepia - A nasty creature to be arownd.
So Long
Attack - Same planet.
The Last One - One of the few left he's done everything in his power to keep up with evolution but bad design is a hell of an enemy. This is just a quick sketch I would like to build on when in the right mood.
Robot 01
Robot 02
Robot 03
Something Flying
Just Sketches
Just Sketches
Nikolay Kolev
Architect; Visual Artist Kehl, Germany