A Musician's Soul

A musician has died due to an unfortunate accident, but their soul still remains on this Earth until they can find inner peace. Go through an incredible journey where you enter the musician's consciousness to find and reclaim the symbols of their love for music. You're a ghost, so jumping through solid surfaces is easy. But beware, each level your body is nearing organ failure. It may not be physical organs, but the symbols they provide for you in your music passion, those glimpses of hope are decaying every second of playtime. Can you reclaim all the ghost's love for music before that hope reaches organ failure? Join us through this lighthearted pun-filled maze of levels to find the musician's sight, eardrums, and soul, while collecting musical sheets to increase your organ failure time on the way!

Project submitted for the game jam: Jame Gam

WASD keys to move and jump

Q to quit

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Noah Schwartz
Game Programmer Los Angeles, CA