Frame Worx Prototype - Prototype: Each piece was modeled in Rhino, printed on a 3D printer, painted and assembled into the configuration to demonstrate the potential of this toy design.
Frame Worx Design - Frame Worx is a modernized version of the timeless toy. Instead of offering logs to build log cabins, Frame Worx has architectural pieces like I-Beams and Girders, allowing the child to construct sky scrapers in an endless number of configurations.
DS Game Case - Designed for BD&A. DS Game cases targeting the tween demographic in color and function. Games are on a beaded chain which can attach to any backpack or belt loop. Injection molded plastic, living hinge. Sold at Toys are us and other toy and game stores.
First concept for DS Games on a chain - This is one of the first concept for the DS Games on a chain. The design changed a few times prior to production. The final concept is being sold at Toys R Us and other toy and gaming stores.
Frame Works Toy Design

Frame works is an updated, modern version of Lincoln Logs. Instead of miniature logs to build log cabins, this set comes with miniature steel beams and girders to build sky scrapers.

Concept shown rendered in marker. The individual building pieces were 3D modeled, then 3D printed to assemble the prototype.

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Lynne Ritz
Senior Industrial Designer San Diego, CA