3D model of the Upwind Sentinel was created with a combination of Pro Engineer and Rhino 3D
3D model of control box and mounting bracket. Rendering created in KeyShot.
Mounting bracket designed so the installer can easily remove the control box without having to remove the bracket from the surface it is attached to.
The Case was 3D printed on an SLA printer
The light pipes were 3D printed on an Objet printer. A silicone mold was made from the prints, then cast in Crystal Clear resin, tinted to match Upwind Solutions logo colors
The final, full scale prototype base is painted with soft touch black paint, and the cover is high gloss black. All hardware used in the previous control box is installed in the new prototype and electric is wired to light the indicator light turbine blades. UpWind Solutions is using the prototype at trade shows and in advertising their new Sentinel technology.
Article introducing the new UpWind Sentinal
First concepts and color options presented to UpWind Solutions.
UpWind Solutions Control Box

Upwind Solutions uses software to make windmills more efficient. Their existing control box was straight off the shelf standard electrical box. UpWind wanted to have a new box designed to be more sleek and include brand identity.

I designed a new control box and mounting bracket from concept to 3D printed prototype.

3D model created in Pro Engineer and Rhino and rendered in Bunkspeed Shot Pro, Case 3D printed on SLA machine, Light pipes molded and cast in tinted resin.

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Lynne Ritz
Senior Industrial Designer San Diego, CA