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The bed "City"
March, 2011
dimension: 2250 x 2800, mattress 2000 x 1600

This “City” bed model has been designed not only as a place for rest, but the thing set into a definite space. The idea taken as the basis of the project is a try to combine two opposite things. On the one hand it is sleep, rest, quietness, escape from day trouble (that is a relaxing place). On the other hand it’s city life with its fast pace in busy environment. There’s a big variety in architectural styles and all those ones can be found in the modern city environment.

Thus the model of the bed “City” can be an island of rest, quietness and privacy which is so desired by anyone living in the very centre of a dynamic city.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Oleh Suzdaliev
Industrial designer Киев, Ukraine