Kingsford tailgaters logo - A logo made particularly for an ad campaign revolving around tailgating with kingsford products. A couple of ads made from a larger campaign on Kingsford letting the target audience become a tailgater to promote Kingsford charcoal.
Kingsford Ads - A decal advertisement on Kingsford set in supermarket shopping carts to mimic grilling and to create awareness on Kingsford products. Part of a large campaign.
Kingsford - The other part of the Kingsford decal describing a promotion of finding a golden briquette in a bag of Kingsford to win a trip to a superbowl tailgating event.
Kingsford - A flash web banner adding to the campaign's tailgating experience.
Kingsford Ads
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Otto Mejia
Queens, NY