<Insight> The main purpose of a bench is seating. But, modern people do something more on the bench. Waiting for somebody would be the one of new functions. I design a bench that frees itself from tradition. It is a new approach of thinking what a bench is. While playing the traditional role, this bench becomes a WIFI hot-spot and night-lighting with the thin-film solar battery. Moreover, it is made out of aluminum and recycled plastic regard of eco-issue.
<Benefit> #1. Eco-friendly approach of applying solar battery and recycled materials. #2. Public use of natural electricity charged by sunlight. #3. Realization of “Ubiquitous City”
<Reason to Believe> It is designed by manufacturing possibility and cost, because of its simple structure. Moreover, the thin-film solar battery can gather sunlight and generate electricity regardless of the weather. Snowing or raining is not really matter to this. Also, the size of this bench is similar to the existing benches. This bench can be installed on existing facilities or new places
Solar Bench

Solar Bench

Owen Song
A simple consideration Providence, RI