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Yakuza - gangsters
Johnny Cash
St-Germain - Illu for a musicmagazine
Bass - Logo
Johnny Ciccone - Mobster
Four in one (1) - Monk, the man, part 1
Four in one (2) - Monk, the man, part 2
What if...Monk was a Beastie Boy? - Monk meets Hiphop
Fela - Fela Kuti, African Funkmaster
Stormy catch - backpiece tattoo design
Jelly 1 - Illu for a cd booklet,a cd featuring the music of jazzlegend Jelly Roll Morton
Toys - Illu for a website
Trooper - Freestyle illustration
Somers optiek - design for Somers optiek website
Weer over naar jou - Rough sketch for a new graphic novel
Inside the outside - Hell
black white & grey
Philip Paquet
Illustrator/Comic artist Antwerp, Belgium