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Salt Lake City Public Library Desk - 1/4 scale models were developed to evaluate design concepts
Personal Safety Device- Airbrush - Concept for Personal Safety Device
Distortion- Charcoal
Pastel 1
Pastel 2
Jim Morrison- Pen, ink, charcoal
Pastel 4
Hand Drill - Concept explores adjustable handle grip.
Venom Cooler Promotion - Free-hand sculpted REN material used as pattern. Distortion silk-screened prior to forming.
Exploded Blow Dryer - Marker Rendering to show what and how each part is made.
Arthritic hand Exerciser - Using variable air pressure, an arthritic hand can gain improved range of motion from isometric exercise.
Pepsi Magic Fountain - Continually recirculating soda fountain display
Coors Light Applause Meter
Coors Light Light
Bottle Glorifier - Anything to sell more beer!
Make-up Display
Razor Glorifier - Light and motion shelf display/aisle interupter
Pullbox - LED back-lit razor glorifier/tester
Pullbox - LED back-lit razor glorifier/tester
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Peter Christopherson
Industrial Design Model Maker New Milford, CT