the double pipe under the seat leaves the space for the big wheel, this solution has been used before in few race frames, and probably the most famous is the Moser's Hour record bike,
designing a bike, find the right chainline is half of the job. On the rear wheel there is a nexus Internal Geared Hub, the big cover for the 36" wheel is made in Neoprene
super symmetrical frame
early sketches for 36/28 Postale, with massive messenger bags and electric motor hub
the fork is covered by two small fairing, It is an aesthetic detail to balance the filled areas of the rear wheel, and could be the right place to add some decorations
the ergonomic of the bike is not far from a common road bike, this frame is rideable by someaone with minimum height of 1,75 m ( 5,75ft)
brakes and gear selector are missing on this prototype, but a double disc brakes could be the best option for full working unit
2 small lights hidden in the handlebar
3d printed parts, in this picture the Bottom Bracket junction, has been splitted in 3 parts to make stronger and to reduce the build supports.
the Bottom bracket junction assembled, is glued with epoxy and reinforced with some bolts
these are all the components printed for this bike, about 200 hour of printing
3 different way to build the 36/28 frame, 3d printed junction ( titanium) and carbon fiber tubes, or a traditional full aluminium frame with welded tubes and some some machined elements, and the last option, 3d printed junction an titanium tubes
36/28 Postale - urban pursuit bike concept


Urban Pursuit concept bike

This Bicycle is a concept for a Massive Messenger Bike, the prototype is made mixing commercial Parts and 3d printed components, it has a 36" rear wheel ( covered with neoprene) with an Internal Geared Hub, inspiration comes from Pursuit Bikes, but although it looks like huge and extreme, the ergonomics it's not so far from a standard road bike, the smart frame makes possible to have a short bike for normal people ( from 1.75 m - 5.74 ft ). the Frame is super symmetrical, this means that left and right side are mirrored, and the top and bottom too. It has been designed to be easy to build in series, using only few components.
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