Trick or treat.. smell their feet! These kids are getting groovy with their creepy costumes and delightful masks. G'wan, give 'em something to smile about.
Frankenstein's monster is getting rebellious in his second life. Don't make him angry.. he has father issues. My Frankenstein design for Drawlloween16 (late again!) day 4.
This zombie poindexter finds his fertile brain is great for the perennials. Catching up to Drawlloween a little late. My illustration for the design challenge #3: Skull.
Check out Andy Owl's Halloween costume. He sure his proud! Every owl wants to be a pussycat. My submission for Day 12 of Drawlloween 16. #drawlloween16
Drawlloween 16 work

Some of the illustrations I'm doing for this years Drawlloween showcase.

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Robert Blankenship
Graphic Designer / Illustrator Charlotte, NC