Visteon internship_ Theme H 1 flexible horizontal for air controls and DINs, 2 verticals of soft ventilation. In terms of design, idea was to break the existing stiff "style". With Renault Espace and Clio III references, I have tried to bring more softness and Renault's touch in the light truck world.
Visteon internship_ Theme DUAL Rich & equiped dashboard’s upper part. The lower area is poorer & oriented for various storages (bottles, A4 documents...).
Visteon internship_ Theme ECO. Constraint : re-use of the current Master dashboard's lower part. As well, air controls and airvents carry-over (here : Megane, Logan or Modus).
Initial brief from Faurecia Seating, in direction of Renault : which visible impact due to fixed seats ? Advanced Design extended study : which visible impact into a global cockpit design ?
LightTruck cockpit - Visteon and Faurecia internships -

Light Truck cockpit for RENAULT, program code "W62", a.k.a. 3rd gen. Renault Master / Nissan Interstar / Opel Movano.
Researches focused on dashboard.

At that time I was studend in Automotive design at Visteon Harnes (north of France), re-became Reydel today, important supplier.

Patrick Raoux
Automotive Designer Sochaux, France