P@ Logo
Integrity Media Logo
Doug Smith Logos - Doug Smith is a former NHL hockey star, a dynamic public speaker and business person with many interests. His logos have visual continuity to tie them together, and their colours, fonts and imagery reflect his personality.
Ottawa Business Journal (no longer in use)
Art in the Community Project - Logo for an organization that places artwork in offices and other locations to help promote local artists.
Assure-All Associates - Logo for a small life insurance company.
One-woman massage/hypnotherapy business on Salt Spring Island, BC
CIRC Logo - Committee to Increase Readership & Circulation - Transcontinental Media
Moose Jaw Times Herald Logo - There was no requirement to redesign the newspapers' logos during the overall newspaper redesign of Transcon's 10 dailies in 2006, but in this case it seemed necessary, so I went ahead and did one, and they loved it! I did the moose drawing myself.
Maxitel Logo - Maxitel is a telephone directory that covered the Prescott-Russell area east of Ottawa.
Newspaper Logos - New logos designed for Transcontinental's group of weekly community newspapers in Ottawa, January 2009.
Vision Interior Design
Freelance, Moonlighting
Patti Moran
Publication Design & Production Specialist Ottawa, Canada