Ottawa Star newspaper. I did the original design and templates for this twice-a-month newspaper targeted at Ottawa's immigrant community.
Ottawa Star editorial page sample.
Ottawa Woman is a monthly newspaper dedicated to the celebration of local women. Launched in March of 2012, I was involved from the inception, designing the logo, the overall look of the paper and all of its component parts. Most ads are provided camera ready, but I create half a dozen or so from scratch every month.
Typical inside page layout for Ottawa Woman.
Kitchissippi Times - Kitchissippi Times is one of the best local papers I've ever seen -- hyper-local and completely focused on people and events in their community. Through my employer at the time, I did KT's original design when the paper first started up back in 2003, and I was delighted to have been contracted to do their design and production once again from the spring of 2010 to the summer of 2011, when the work was taken in-house by Great River Media because of a restructuring.
Transcontinental Dailies Redesign - The challenge here was to reorganize the front pages of ten unique newspapers with common visual elements and many points of entry for the reader. Each of the ten papers had its own idea of what made a good front page, so coming up with a look that would satisfy them all was a challenge...but I did it.
Transcontinental Dailies Redesign - One of the challenges in editorial design is to give the page-designers tools to create interesting pages that don't default to the "sea of gray" mode. Here we have a large photo, combined with a close-cropped detail, a pullquote and a running slug that can be used for every article in the series. Most of the visual elements on this page were provided to the page-builders in a Library, making their job, quicker and easier, and the results much more dynamic than before.
Transcontinental Dailies Redesign - There's a lot going on on this page, but it manages to be clean and fresh looking. There's lots of eye-catching colour and dimensional graphics scattered across the page, subtly "invading" other articles
Community Calendar - 2006 - Sample of community calendar design for Transcontinental's daily newspapers. The challenge is how to present a lot of dense information in a creative and visually appealing way.
Timeline story - 2006 - Sample of how to present an article about a typical day for the local veterinarian. Layout includes a large, eye-catching photo and a unique timeline that shows the viewers just how busy their local vet really is.
Pro & Con story - How to make a simple Pro & Con article interesting? By emphasizing the combativeness inherent in the story with side-view mug-shots that make making the writers look like they're squaring off against each other.
Transcontinental Weeklies Redesign
Transcontinental Weeklies Redesign
Editorial page - Star/Weekly Journal, 2009
Summer Camps - Special pullout newspaper section
Camps D'Ete Cover - special insert section
Recettes - Cover for Christmas recipe section in L'Express, 2008.
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Patti Moran
Publication Design & Production Specialist Ottawa, Canada