Bond Street Bim 17: Cloud Point Survey Data Prep

Regular creation of “Building Smart” compatible IFC, GBXML BIM engineering files, building design models, and education for use by environmental engineers/Third Parties.

Responsible for test implementation of COBIE Management of 2D/3D/laser scan data survey and analysis Constant Integration and use of 2D/3D Scan survey data for use on whole of project

Successfully implemented, managed and maintained BIM data transmittal matrix between project discipline teams and supply chain (LU/Tfl, Otis, Kone, Crown House, VVB, Bachy Soletanche, Dr Sauer, Halcrow, Atkins, and Crossrail).

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Paul Alexander Brown
MSc BIM CAD CAE VDC Design Manager/Industrial Designer/Engineering Information Manager London. England, United Kingdom