Bond Street Station BIM 07: CAVE 3D Virtual reality tool for design review

Promoted innovational use of 3D Virtual Reality for immersive user review of 3D/4D BIM models using VMRL files to aid unambiguous team understanding, and design approvals safety training and signoff (Reading University CAVE)

CAVE-CAD allows users to navigate building designs on their own terms, spending as much time as they want examining any particular design feature. Changes to the design can be made in real-time using a hand-held remote to manipulate intuitive icons and drop down menus, which are projected wherever the user is looking, thanks to head tracking equipment worn by the user.

CAVE-CAD is an ideal tool for the architectural designer to create an experience of space on a human scale that allows the potential user or client to respond in real time to ideas and concepts while immersed in the design

Special thanks to Dr Adrian Haffegee and Professor Paul Sharkey and their team.

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Paul Alexander Brown
MSc BIM CAD CAE VDC Design Manager/Industrial Designer/Engineering Information Manager London. England, United Kingdom