ZIP LINE ATTRACTION - Wouldn't be an island experience without some zip-lining. Yee-ha! and don't look down!!
Pool Grotto - A look into a grotto pool that has an acrylic "peek-a-boo" window into the swimming pool above. Waterfalls, good company, and spirited drinks....the way life is suppossed to be, right?
Pool Cascades and Bali Beds - Here's a look back towards the pools, pool grotto, and the cascades. The pools are located on an existing bluff, so we took advantage of the topo. Bali beds are positioned in and around existing rock formations and overlook the ocean.
Infinity Edge at Bay - Portions of the swimming pool take advantage of the existing rock formations and topography; allowing us to create a series of cascade features and terraced pool areas. Notice how we tied contemporary design touches such as the infinity edge overlooking the bay with existing rock formations. Makes for an interesting blend of clean lines with nature.
Paul Taylor
PT Design Studio, LLC Orlando, FL