Engine Diagram
DSPORT Magazine Special Insert Cover - Illustration and Design by Paul Laguette
2011 Vaughn Gittin Jr. Mustang - Drifting diagram for Racer Magazine.
Fredric Aasbo Scion tC - Fredric Aasbo 2011 Scion tC in a proper drift. Look for this diagram in the next issue of RACER magazine. Illustration by Paul Laguette
Illustration Diagram for DSPORT Magazine - Diagram for a special insert magazine. The diagram shows the proper racing line vs an incorrect racing line.
NOLA Motorsports Park Pedal Diagram - Driving School Diagram
Illustration created for DSPORT Magazine
Engine Diagram
Created for Indy Car Media Guide
IRC Yearbook Illustration - Commissioned to illustrate this background map graphic to The 2010 Intercontinental Rally Challenge season yearbook.
IRC Yearbook Illustration
Interior Page Diagram
Created for Indy Car media guide
Cutaways and Diagrams
Paul Laguette
Senior Graphic Designer / Illustrator Fullerton, CA