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2017 Surgical Conference & Expo campaign. "The Power of You". The honeycomb shape was utilized since it is the strongest shape in nature. This year's theme focuses on the power the perioperative nurse brings to the OR suite. A focus on the empowerment of nurses will be integrated into the messaging and positioning of the conference for 2017.
2016 Surgical Conference & Expo collateral. 2016 Surgical Conference & Expo Brand Guidelines and Elements. This year's theme is "Thriving Through Transformation", so we selected the lotus flower to represent the theme as it depicts creation and rebirth supporting the theme "Thriving Through Transformation".
Leadership Development Summit program. All collateral was created to be a branded system with the overall Expo. This event was a conference within a conference.
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Executive nurse program. Designed to be a part of the overall Expo brand. A conference within a conference.
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2015 Surgical Conference & Expo collateral. 2015 Conference Campaign. This campaign focused on the continual pursuit of improvement nurses, technology and evidence-based practice strives for. Empowering nurses to continue to learn and grow was a fundamental message throughout this campaign. The event was held in Denver so a play on the Rocky Mountains was used throughout our imagery.
2014 Surgical Conference & Expo collateral. 2013 Conference Campaign. This year's focus was around innovation, and how technology has evolved in and around the OR throughout the years. A focus on all aspects of the conference was conveyed in the collateral to give it a dynamic active feel.
2013 Congress (name changed to Surgical Conference & Expo in 2014). This year marked AORN's 60th Anniversary. A signature logo was created to mark this milestone.
2012 Congress collateral. This was the first year a theme was developed and instituted throughout the conference campaign. "We Care" was selected to envoke emotion and honor the levels of care perioperative nurses provide to their patients.
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Event Marketing

This collection of work includes Surgical Conference & Expo pre-event and attendee marketing examples. A consistent look and feel was established to promote pre-conference, and leadership summits (conference within a conference). Messaging and design all worked as a unified system to support the overall AORN brand.

Additional examples include pieces supporting the Center for Nursing Leadership, a separate division of AORN.

Paula S. Felten
AVP Brand and Marketing Denver, CO