Puu Pusu

Puu Pusu is a business concept created as part of the Design Strategy & Innovation module at Aalto University. The project was conducted as a team of three with the aim to promote the Finnish wood industry through a business concept.

The result was a concept relying on crowd sourcing for furniture and other wood based products. Customers can visit the closest Puu Pusu store, and pitch their idea for a new product to an employee. The employee (a designer) then evaluates the concept and finds local manufactures through the company intranet to discuss manufacturability of the concept and creates a drawing or rendering which is then posted on the Puu Pusu website. For a set period of time, other users will have the opportunity to back the project in form of pre-ordering. If the minimum amount of orders has been reached, the concept will be manufactured.

This solution does not only provide local manufacturers with orders, but allows users' to purchase products that have a story to tell.

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Philip Zeitler
Industrial Designer München, Germany