Tactile Glove

With a focus on the video game industry, this thesis investigated the idea of incorporating the user physically into the game, aiming to develop a functional tactile glove prototype providing users with an even more immersive gaming experience. Tactile gloves use various mechanisms to create the illusion of grabbing actual objects in a virtual environment. This goes as far as being capable to feel the density of an object. In order to identify the weaknesses and opportunities with tactile gloves, various tools such as literature, expert insights, and consumer studies were utilized. The data collected and work conducted throughout this process was evaluated and discussed critically to obtain the most adequate and suitable solution. Various tactile gloves exist already, however the most sophisticated glove on the market is priced at over $39,000 and is mainly used at research institutions. The objective was to create an affordable solution for commercial usage in the gaming industry.

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Philip Zeitler
Industrial Designer München, Germany