Tillander Package

The aim of this project was to create a feasible packaging solution, capable of holding & protecting jewellery in various forms and sizes. Throughout the development process, several points had to be taken in consideration to meet Tillanders' wishes. The final deliverables should consist of 2, possibly 3 package sizes. The most important box being the ring box, followed by a larger box for bigger items such as necklaces. The third package, should be an engagement/proposal box small enough to be carried in a pocket without being noticeable.
Furthermore the package should become an important part of marketing with the aim to attract international customers. Therefore the package has to be capable of reflecting Tillanders' values and history through its aesthetic properties. In advance, a further life-cycle needs to be considered in form of the package acting as a travel box, or being valuable & stylish enough to be kept on a table. This project was created as a team of 6.

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Philip Zeitler
Industrial Designer München, Germany