The AW11 Capriole shoe. The heel was made of several layers of glass/carbonfiber to make the extreme shape possible.
Press release for the AW11 Capriole shoe.
The SS12 Fang shoe. The whole outsole was CNCed in ABS, fitted to the bootie, cast in a silicone vacuum mold. A very complex but rewarding project.
Press release for the SS12 Fang shoe.
The AW12 Thorn shoe. The upper for this shoe is a 1-piece silicone part, made possible with a silicone vacuum mold. The platform, ABS heel and midsole are glued in after, making for a very production efficient shoe.
Press release for the AW12 Thorn shoe.
Iris van Herpen x United Nude

I have been very involved with the shoes United Nude makes for Iris van Herpen's fashion shows. Responsibilities include translating Iris's sketches to a feasible design, creating CAD models and partly overseeing the small production run. Turnaround is usually about 3 months.

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Freelance, Full-time
Philippe Holthuizen
Product Designer Amsterdam, Netherlands