Some of the production shoes for which I have 3d-modeled the heels and wedges. I can claim the Bolt as my own design, and the Eros as a collaboration between Cat Zhang and myself.
Various sketches for the Bolt design.
Final Bolt design.
Various sketches.
3d sketch model for a baroque table leg inspired heel.
3d sketch model for a carbonfiber cantilevered heel.
Sketches for a wedge with a 'floating' footbed.
United Nude

While at United Nude, my main responsibility was 3D development of several of the heels and wedges for the production shoes, ensuring that the design intent was both preserved and producible. I was also responsible for the 3D development of the majority of the collaboration shoes while there.

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Freelance, Full-time
Philippe Holthuizen
Product Designer Amsterdam, Netherlands