Aircraft Galley
Gibson Knife & Block - Isolating the feeling of the user and sense of pride that it taken by the Gibson Company was the largest task that we had faced during this design process Being tasked with creating a knife block set in the theme of Gibson guitars, my team* and I brought forth the feeling, not only of the guitar, but also of the user. Research and synthesis were conducted to find the elements of the guitar that people associated with most. Observations of how and when the knives were used and which knives were used concluded with the selection of knives that we had selected, being the paring, steak, chef and bread knives. Research directed us to the history of knives and the most common knives used. We chose a full tang style knife blade to show the same respect to the construction of the knife as the Gibson guitar construction. Similar woods were researched for the use of handles and on the knife block.
Design for Emergent Markets - By researching the conditions and issues of Burma and Sri Lanka, I was able to isolate that the major need of both countries is water. The scope of this project was to create a product that would be manufactured in two emerging countries in order to allow them to work together and help boost their economy by increasing public interest, tourism or both. Researching the methods of water purification as well as the current contaminates of these two countries water supplies led my design to become an activated carbon filter with polyester batting and a micro screen mesh to help remove or reduce the undesirable pollutants.
Furniture for Small Living Spaces
Batmobiles 66-89
Computer Rendering
Fictional Pottery Barn item
Mixer Resign Part 1
Mixer Redesign Part 2
Game Controller Detail
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Ryan Correll
Designer / Consultant Costa Mesa, CA