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Icearc in situation, at Altrincham Ice Rink.
The Icearc in Spinningfields Ice Rink, Manchester.
Features of the Icearc, including a closeup of the device.
A storyboard detailing the use of the Icearc.
Manufacturing methods and further details of the Icearc.
Some extra views of the Icearc, including a simplified exploded diagram.
One of the earlier concept sheets for the project.
One of the earlier concept sheets for this project.
Initial design of the product.
Near final development on the Icearc product.
Form exploration with wire.
Initial card modelling. Getting a feel for the size and form.
Full scale card model, in proportion and with rough dimensions.
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Icearc Stability & Training Aid

Icearc is a stability training aid for first-time and casual adult ice skaters. Featuring tripoidal support the product enables novice skaters to maintain balance and gain confidence on their own.

Icearc is adjustable to allow the user to choose a level of stability assistance to suit individual need, by locking the tripod base into any one of four positions.

Visually, Icearc is influenced by the elegance of the sport itself, and curves central to the design encourage the beginner to overcome hesitancy and get on the ice for the first time. This solid, stable and adjustable product will provide the most satisfying experience of gaining freedom as an adult ice skater.

© Richard Jones 2012.

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Richard Jones
Designer Manchester, United Kingdom