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A look at the interface of the Lockbox storage system, including features.
The Lockbox in a train scenario.
A storyboard of why and how a user would use Lockbox.
Initial research sketch sheet.
Initial sketch concept sheet.
Initial sketch concept sheet.
Initial ideas mindmap.
Development work on the Lockbox.
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Lockbox Storage

User research shows passengers of public transport are concerned about leaving their belongings at their seat. As the demand for larger technological products used to pass ‘dead-time’ increases, so does the capacity for opportunist theft.

Lockbox is designed specifically to address this problem. For rail passengers on long distance commutes, Lockbox keeps belongings secure and out of sight. Made from tough polypropylene, the unit provides storage for a reclaimable fee. By using a key-based system, forgotten belongings can be retraced easily.

The product attaches to the backing of pre-existing seats and features a slide down door that doesn’t protrude into the user’s personal space. It can store approximately 14 litres and is perfect for items too big to carry.

Lockbox. Safe and secure storage for public transport.

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Richard Jones
Designer Manchester, United Kingdom