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Fantasy level design - Helicopter View (project view)
Fantasy Level Design - Main Bridge
Fantasy Level Design - custom terrain - slope material generator. Generates different materials depending on slope angle
Fantasy Level Design - scenery (foliage) shot with ruin tower
Fantasy Level Design - Foliage shot with statue and lighting
AR test project to determine Plane Recogntion and Real World Object Placement
My cat hates me
Tank game clone demo shot
UI system - realistic calendar and time system with 3 different speeds as found in games like SimCity and Cities Skylines
Building placement game - simple object prefab placement
Building placement game - possible layout with multiple simple objects
test 2D side scroller, sprite usage and character movement, slope behaviour
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Unreal Engine 4

These are some screenshots of my Unreal Engine (test) projects

Remco Lebon
Developer Maastricht, Netherlands