: Restaraunt Materials Board : : - ::This is the materials presentation board for a restaraunt in Pittsford, NY which will be opening soon. Along with material specification, this design-build project was a full scope design renovation within an existing hotel.
: Foamcore Model : : - :: This is a foamcore model representing the design concept for a high-end, urban retail supply store. The design was influenced by asian motifs and materials.
: Foamcore Model : : - :: Another view of the retail model. This is a detail view of an interior display featuring home floral fragrance and garden supplies. The model was fabricated with foamcore, balsa, plastics, and papers.
: Loft Space : : - A perspective marker rendering of a bright and airy loft space. This urban space is on the third floor of a multi-purpose, multi-level building, in which the first floors are commercial space, and the upper floors are residential.
: Japanese Restaraunt : : - :: A perspective rendering of the asian restaraunt lobby colored with water colors. This image conveys
the warmth and asian motifs of the overall design.
Rachel Dornin Crompton
Interior Designer Boston, MA