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The family of luminaires consisted of two differently sized area lights and wall sconces configurable with an array of options. Due to the complexity and integrative nature of the project it was important to maintain constant communication between the varying concerns.
Considering the high output nature of the LEDs used, heat dissipation was a major concern. To insure a successful design, FEA tools were used to simulate the air and thermal flow through the luminaire. Each fixture was vigorously tested to verify the simulations and determine the various photometric profiles.
One of the many mechanical concerns was the design of the removable door and hinge system. The system needed to be easily accessible while maintaining a consistant seal around the more sensitive components.
To speed along the design of the door bracket, FEA tools were used. These tools were especially useful in material selection and in examining various potential designs, minimizing the number of prototypes needed.
The final production model of the large area light, pole mounted with the upswept mounting arm.
Aeroscape fixtures installed at the Circle C Swim Center in Austin, TX.
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Aeroscape Family

The goal of this project was to develop the next family of high end LED luminaires for Philips-WideLite. I was contracted on to be the principle design engineer for the area fixtures, in charge of mechanical design and testing. The product line is currently in production. More information can be found on the WideLite website, listed above.

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Jacob Rader
Design Engineer Austin, TX