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The cushions on the left are a combination of striped fabrics with Ikat done in machine embroidery and the cushions on the right are hand-woven, Ikat and jacquard fabrics with the bottom one edge-finished in machine and hand embroidery. The finishing is different on all four edges for the client to choose one from.
This set is machine embroidered with an Ikat effect. The set on the right is done with machine embroidery and it’s called ‘chawal taka’ (Rice stitch in hindi) due to its likeness to a rice grain. This stitch is carried out with a ‘pause-move’ technique instead of the conventional continuous forward movement of the fabric.
The busier pattern designs have been juxtaposed with the comparatively subtler designs to create looks in which there is a balance between bold, strong forms and mellow patterns.
For every cushion a unique tessellation pattern has been incorporated.
This set of cushions was inspired from the roof of The India Habitat Centre, Delhi.
Inspired from different structural elements, these cushions are placed in such an order so as to see how they compliment their colours and forms. These three cushions were grouped together as the design in each of these is centrally placed thus giving them basic association.
The cushions are a collection of complimenting colours designed under the Architecture theme. The design on the cushion in front has been embroidered in three segments with the central form having a different coloured base fabric.
De-constructing checkered fabrics using similar and contrast colours.
This set of cushions were designed in a manner so as to break away from the more conventional checkered patterns.
Display at the Blueberry Home booth at the Interior Lifestyle Fair, Tokyo.
BLUEBERRY HOME | Everyday Seams

This is a collection of embroidered cushions using linen and cotton fabric.
These were developed as a part of my final Diploma Project with Blueberry Home, Mumbai for the Interior Lifestyle Fair, Tokyo, 2013.

Radhika Patil
Textile Designer Bengaluru, India