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Images of shells, stones, rocks and sand were abstracted and eventually used to complete my texture vocabulary.
Knotting has been used as a technique to make this sample.
Filling Textures | Woven fabrics for home

The following wovens were created as apart of a hypothetical project where one chooses a brand of choice to develop a collection. I have chosen Boconcept, a Danish home and lifestyle brand which is known for its urban and contemporary aesthetics. The primary idea was to create a collection that retains the brand identity while adding ones own design vocabulary to the textile surfaces. I have developed a mood-board where I have taken images of shells, stones, rocks and sand to build a predominant textured directory for the brand. The final range of fabrics include heavy weight fabrics which can be further converted into upholstery, cushions and rugs.

Radhika Patil
Textile Designer Bengaluru, India