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Images of fossils were abstracted and eventually used to complete my fabrics.
Fabrics have been layered and embroidered to achieve this.
Burning of fabric with wax has resulted in this.
The sample is a result of knitting.
A three way seating created using the technique of block printing.
Fossilized | Fabric Construction

This is a classroom project where I have worked towards creating surfaces using various techniques such as embroidery, shibori, smocking and knitting. Images of fossils were taken as a reference in creating a series of experimental fabrics that could easily be converted into home textiles or even apparel. The design process is also stressed on exploring different range of material even outside textile.The final product that was created was a three way seating using the technique of block printing while taking the craft in a more unconventional pattern.

Radhika Patil
Textile Designer Bengaluru, India