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Champions again, after 19 years!
14/15 Team Kit Line up
Persib met their glory in the 80's, they even had a friendly match against big clubs like AC Milan and PSV Eindhoven. The 14/15 season Home kit is inspired by the 80's Jersey when they had their glory times. A simple all blue kit with a simplified "maung" (tiger) pattern forming a "V" on the body. I also added their nickname "Pangeran BIru" (Blue Prince) detail on the inside of the collar.
The red line on the body, and n the arm cuff area represent the color of our nation's Flag. It represent the Indonesian Flag, in the hope that the player and the club could represent our nation in the international stage and a proof that Persib Bandung is one of our Nation's pride.
The away kit is a traditional all-white jersey with blue trim on the collar area and the arm cuff. Still with a watermark simplified tiger pattern on the chest.
As mentioned before, the simplified "Loreng Maung" (tiger pattern) on the body formed a "V" shape that represents the word "Victory". On the side of the body there's a graphic element that inpired by the jersey that they used on their last season when they win the league.
On the fight for our independence, our country fought tirelessly. This fight for independence simultaneously happened through out the region in Indonesia, including Bandung. The most iconic event that happened in Bandung (which is the home of Persib) was The "Bandung Lautan Api" this is the event when the people of Bandung burn their home, gave up all their belongings to burn with the city, so that when the city is occupied by the colonials, they will nothing but ashes.
The spirit of the "Bandung Lautan Api" represented by the camouflage pattern on the third kit, the red detail on the colar area, represent the fire, the spirit of the Bandung people.
The vanishing red graphic on the side of the shirt, represents the fire comes from within, and the fire of "Bandung Lautan Api" Event.
Sample Fitting Review
Photos courtesy of Persib.co.id
Photos courtesy of Simamaung.com
Photos courtesy of Simamaung.com
Photos courtesy of Simamaung.com
Photos courtesy of Simamaung.com
Photos courtesy of Simamaung.com
Persib - ISL 13/14 Champions Apparel Design Concepts

Persib the champions of the Indonesia Super League 2013/2014.
Persib, an acronym for Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Bandung is an Indonesian football club based in Bandung, West Java. In most media, the tautology Persib Bandung is often used. Persib is the result of a merger of 3 football clubs in 1933, namely Bandoeng Inlandsche Voetbal Bond (BIVB), Persatuan Sepak bola Indonesia Bandung (PSIB) and National Voetball Bond (NVB).
Referring to the number of title in a long history of Indonesian football competition, Persib is considered as one of the most successful clubs in Indonesia.

The 13/14 season of the Indonesian Super League, I'm responsible for the design of the Persib Football Club team kit. This club represent the West Javanese people and the city of Bandung in perticular (my second home). So it's a great honor for me to design the team kit jersey of Persib Bandung.

Raka Gemma Maulid
Designer Bandung, Indonesia