DATA VISUALIZATION - This was an exercise given with the aim to Visualize a set of Data related to the preformance of INDIA & CHINA published in an the Busines Week Issue.

The Sample Data Table had many elements which were being compaired. The major task was to bring out the relationships in those elements on the micro level; along with a general overview of the situation at a glance, on the macro level.
Mobile Interface - The above layout shows few of the navigational flow diagrams sketched for the mobile Location Based Alarm

While doing this project the major concern was learning more about Mobile Interfaces

A mobile application has been conceptualised and designed for GPS enabled mobile phones.
It is a location based alarm. The alarm in the phone can be set according to your own location.

The scope of the project was to design the full navigational flow for the Mobile Alarm, keeping in mind the general pattern of usage of the mobile alarm. The most critical point here was, keeping the depth of navigation minimum.
Interface Design - Identifying a Design opportunity and giving solution keeping in mind the whole, of which the problem is the part.

Traffic as a system is huge and the interface for the analysis of the traffic in a city becomes all the more complex.

In this, apart from understanding the traffic as a system, an attempt has been made to visualize the spatiotemporal data in a new way.

Some Interactions and Interface components have been proposed in this Software which makes the work flow easier.
Bus Information System - Brief:
An Information System for communicating information necessary for the usage of a city transportation system.

A system where in a GPS is fitted in the Bus so as it it refreshes the spatial location all the buses in the city and update the display of there location in their respective routes which is displayed on the Bus Stand.
A similar view is available in the bus to give it own reference
Rakesh Sharma
User Experience Designer Bangalore, India