The game trailer for OB5CUR3.
Revealing objects using the thermal and electric layers.
Signal begins searching for the mysterious "thermocell fluid."

OB5CUR3 is a 2D, pixelated, point-and-click adventure game where the player explores a futuristic cyberpunk city by uncovering hidden objects through the use of scanning technology in order to solve puzzles and uncover the true secrets to the city’s sins.

In OB5CUR3, gameplay revolves around interacting with objects to gain technological abilities as well as interacting with NPCs to be given directives to fulfill in a campaign-like style. The player must solve puzzles through the use of scanning technology given to them by manuals that can be found throughout the progressing levels. These scanners help to reveal objects hidden behind walls and containers by toggling them on and off. By progressing through the game, the player will help to uncover the mysteries of the city and how to save themselves and those around them.

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Raymond Foster
Game Designer and Writer DeWitt, MI