This one I changed a couple attributes to get the new look. It was still only about 5 minutes from each other since all I had to do is change a few number around.
Here you can see even if I deform it and move cv's around. The algorithm still works without a hitch. That's the beauty of these algorithms, any attribute can be updated even in the final day of the project.
here I left visible the surface it was based on. As you can see the grill is placed exactly on the surface.
It's really more programming then it is modeling. The secret is data tree management. Once you wrap your head around that, the rest is cake.
Here you can see all the design attributes I wanted to control.
When I highlight all the components you can see how they are interconnected with themselves.
Building Grills with Algorithms

All of these grills were made with the same algorithm. All I have to do is insert the new surface. It was built in Rhino using Grasshopper. Once an algorithm is written it gives you the freedom to control any design aspect you can imagine. Giving you new design possibilities and the freedom to make changes in any step in the process. Grasshopper gives you design possibilities no other program can offer. If you have any questions email me at

Raymundo Burgueno
3D Cad sculptor and visualizer Marina del Rey, CA