Bronze prize - Hybrid City, Ubiquitous + Ecology - International Urban Design Competition - Bronze Prize, This scheme for Sector 11 in Song do new city, Korea is an unprecedented hybrid neighborhood. It is built entirely on a section of previously reclaimed land on East Song do waterfront. This project consolidates Korea’s reputation as a cultural destination while provides an iconic architectural image for the city. Credit to team member : Grace [Zhao Runyun], Fiona [Bai Fan], Queenie [xu shanshan],vivian [Chen Wei]
top five - 2007 Jakarta Design Center - Awards : Honorable Mention Project Leader : Realrich Sjarief Design Team : Reza Prima, Liza susanto
2nd prize - 2006 Jakarta Public Lamp Competition - Together w/ Liza susanto Celebration Lamp was a part of national design competition to celebrate Indonesia National Day on August 17th. All Celebration lamp was Designed to be facing the national monument ‘Monas’. The idea of the spiral form come from a symbol of chakra in Java traditional mythology. The 0.6 m extruded module of the chakra will be rotated 45 degree each level. Celebration Lamp won 2nd place in the competition
1st prize - 2004 Green Stop - Together w/ Franciska Windy Analogized as one linkage to another, the Green Stop forms relationships to support tourism and communication. Inside Green Stop, users may know some interesting spots, showed by a Oversized map inside.The green concept is the solution to the lack of trees problem in the urban area, one bus stop will create one sample of tree conservation. The Green Stop won 1st Prize in Student Competition in Institute Technology Bandung.
2nd prize - 2005 Reflective Bathroom - Situated in urban city and free from budget constraint, Reflective Bathroom provides a playing space of reflection from daily activities. The idea came from rubber ducky inside bathroom which was transformed to the compositions of color planes. Reflective Bathroom is a luminous space of repose, a pause from the urban city outside. The Reflective Bathroom won 2nd Prize in MDA Award Indonesia Student Competition.
2008 Shinkenchiku Japan - This strategy deals with an idea from minimizing building footprint on the ground to maximize garden space by using only 7.46 % from the overall area in total. It is more than a single building – it is a catalyst for urban regeneration.
2006 Life is Just Beginning - South Bank - Together w/ Dian Yusnita Creating new spaces that will help Southbank position itself within the global cultural-information-sustainable-living. A place that will attract people to The form of the urban design proposal is yet simple but calling the memories of the past.Adapting the analogue of ancient bushman painting on the caves wall, the Face painting of african tribes faces, salt village, traditional pattern of ancient fabric, and Kalahari Dessert.
2007 Sayembara SDA PU - Together w/ Reza Prima, Dicke U. Lubis
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