Music Center at Kota Baru Parahyangan - Located at Kota Baru Parahyangan, Indonesia.This Project is a Large Scale Music Center[18000 sqm] comprises 1 exhibition center, concert hall, 1 music school and 1 outdoor grand amphitheater. Design-wise, this project serves as an analogy of the stage of concert hall, the grand amphitheater will become a spectacle. The other buildings which is become spectator. At the end of the process, the project get an excellent grade for the design Scheme.
Oasis in Cigondewah - Located at Cigondewah, Bandung, Indonesia, This Project is an Art Center Belong to Tisna Sanjaya [10000 sqm]. Tisna Sanjaya is well known Bandung Contemporary Installation artist which struggling from political pressures in Indonesia. In the site, the building, will form Special Prayer of the Death. The master piece Artwork of Tisna Sanjaya. The form of Prayer Ship started a Journey sailing to Indonesia. At the end of the process the panelists gave an excellent grade to this Final Project
Student works
Realrich Sjarief
Design Portfolio Jakarta,sydney,London,Singapore,Bandung, Indonesia