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tomtom - here is the completed piece with suede patterned material in burnt orange and white stitching complimenting this are the chrome feet. The feet reflect the floor making the piece look like it's floating 100mm above the ground
TomTom - this was a complete redesign of an existing chair. The greatest thing though was that it turned out nothing like the original design. I take full credit for this piece not only for the design but for the prototypes manufacturing too.
phoenix suite - this suite was designer by the designer i was working in conjunction with, but all the prototyping work and material selection for upholstery was done by me.
Tomtom double - based on the first piece this is the double version and is just as comfortable. With six feet instead of four, the aesthetic remains the same.
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Furniture design Internship
Remo Wakeford
Lead Designer @ Peregrine Design Lowell, MA