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American Model Railroader - Show your pride in model making! Available at the BoggsIndustries.com shop.
Mohr's Theory of Failure - This graphic shows a diagram based on Mohr's Circle and how his criterion explains why buildings fall. For sale at CubicleRanch.com
Freestyle Office Chair Stunts - Surfing one day I found videos of people jumping office chairs, I thought it needed a little more formality as a sport. For sale at CubicleRanch.com
Pricing Triangle - All of our clients want three basic things from us. This graphic helps them choose the order of improtance. For sale at CubicleRanch.com
Hindenburg Ground Crew - A landmark in American and radio history. Available at www.cafepress.com/graphicgargoyle
Property of the Manhattan Project - One of the largest projects in US History. Show that you were there. Available at www.cafepress.com/graphicgargoyle
Hot potato - Available at www.cafepress.com/graphicgargoyle
Typofile - I have well over 1000 fonts on my computer, and am adding constantly. How 'bout you? For sale at CubicleRanch.com
Bullshit Meter - We've all one of those days. Let the world know how you feel. For sale at CubicleRanch.com
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Rick Boggs
Designer/Art Director Plantation, FL