This is the plan view of the home. As you can see, this intensively covered echo green roof will cover almost the entire roof. I chose to use this type of roof because it provides good insulation and can support wildlife. As well as this it also helps to collect rain water and therefore allows the home owner to use and recycle their water with the aid of other water recycling plants and water collection points.
This side of the house would be facing towards the sea, beach, city, countryside or what ever the home owner prefers the most so that they get the most of the 180 degree view from the window. However, with so many windows, privacy may be an issue. To overcome that potential problem, I have incorporated walls at the sides of the windows so that it gives the home owner a sense of privacy. Another issue could be trapped heat because of the amount of glass. To over come this a air recycling unit will pump dense, moist and humid air out and fresh air pumped in.
This side of the home is the side where you would find the entrance. as well as the entrance, there is a garage to accommodate two large cars and two multi-storey windows.
1950's style home with a modern twist.

I was inspired by the style of the 1950's style of architecture with the interesting angles and overall look. But with today's technology, this design will have a modern twist using modern materials as well as incorporating modern technology such as solar panels to help the homes stay of the grid and become self sustainable.

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